MRL Lift

• 1.Sino-German technology
• 2.Advanced variable frequency (VVVF) drive
• 3.PM gearless machine
• 4 Capacity400-2000kg
• 5.Speed1.0-1.75m/s
Description Construction Plan Packing and Transportation



Permanent-magnet, synchronized motor & Geared machine

Cleaner: no need for special lubrication and no trouble in oil leaking.

Safer: The self-generating brake can effectively avoid sliding.

More energy-saving: It is environment protection and can save more 40% energy than the traditional geared elevator.

More economic: Without increasing the overall system cost, it greatly reduces operating costs.

Quieter: The super low-speed electric machine reduces mechanical vibration and utterly eliminates the noise of the gear.

More applicable: It is applies to work with such world famous brand, eg. Yaskawa,  CT and Fuji etc.


2.Infrared door protection

Self diagnostic performance with artificial intelligence, a unique modular design; 64 or 128 infrared scanning to ensure the safety of the passengers when entering in or going out of the elevator doors. While using the same device in lift both with centre-opening door and side-opening door, without interference of sunlight, direct light and reflected light. 100% of Electronic components adopts the surface mount technology, by way of non-contact door monitoring and action. Safe, sensitive and reliable, stable and low failure, anti-interference ability to strengthen the dust (for more sand area).