Panoramic Elevator

• 1.Sino-German technology
• 2.Advanced variable frequency (VVVF) drive
• 3.PM gearless machine
• 4 Persons5-16
• 5.Speed1.0-1.75m/s
Description Cabins Construction Plan Packaging and transportation


Permanent-magnet, synchronized motor & Geared machine

Cleaner: no need for special lubrication and no trouble in oil leaking.

Safer: The self-generating brake can effectively avoid sliding.

More energy-saving: It is environment protection and can save more 40% energy than the traditional geared elevator.

More economic: Without increasing the overall system cost, it greatly reduces operating costs.

Quieter: The super low-speed electric machine reduces mechanical vibration and utterly eliminates the noise of the gear.

More applicable: It is applies to work with such world famous brand, eg. Yaskawa,  CT and Fuji etc.



Tianshan Elevator adopts imported new generation of dedicated elevator vector frequency, variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF), sets the latest electronic technology and precision machining technology in one, with the use of computer-aided design engineering (CAD), combining with modern technology, implementation of scientific management so as to achieve a more perfect performance


3.Infrared door protection

Self diagnostic performance with artificial intelligence, a unique modular design; 64 or 128 infrared scanning to ensure the safety of the passengers when entering in or going out of the elevator doors. While using the same device in lift both with centre-opening door and side-opening door, without interference of sunlight, direct light and reflected light. 100% of Electronic components adopts the surface mount technology, by way of non-contact door monitoring and action. Safe, sensitive and reliable, stable and low failure, anti-interference ability to strengthen the dust (for more sand area).